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Diane Levine
Kim Capps
Audrey Perrott
Miranda Anzelone
Aleitha Morgan
Alex Heirston
Fernando Tosetti
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“I think that’s a crazy idea. Let’s do it.”

Mark Freid


Mark starts every morning off with a run and, as a man on a mission, doesn’t stop moving until his head hits the pillow at night. He founded Think Creative in 2000 because he suspected that an agency, if it tried hard enough, could do it all: produce extraordinary work for great clients and be a place people love working every day. All he had to do was start it himself. Now, as the fearless leader of Think Creative, he firmly believes that our agency has the power to help people, organizations, and our community be the best it can be. And he’ll do whatever needs to be done to get there, especially when it involves inspiring the team to work hard, have fun and think big. No, bigger. Even bigger than that. Okay, that’ll do. For now.

Thinker since Day 1


  • Bachelor of Arts, Tulane University
  • Certificate of Leadership Practice, Rollins College
  • Crummer Management Program Leadership Mastermind Alliance
  • Corporate Athlete and Resilience Programs, Human Performance Institute
  • Former Board President, Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida
  • One of Orlando Sentinel’s “Central Florida 100” community leaders
  • Finisher of 4 Ironman races, 5 marathons, 3 ultra-distance trail runs, 1 run across the state of Florida and 1 run across the Grand Canyon
  • Father to three kids Jacob, Sophie and Joseph with his wife Stephanie

“I think it's worth a shot. Whatever it is.”

Diane Levine

Writer | Story Strategist | Optimist | Heel Junkie

If Daenerys Targaryen is the Mother of Dragons, Diane Levine is the mother of stories. As the leader of story and message development, she loves the challenge of understanding a brand and bringing their compelling truth to light. To do that, she spends her days listening, researching, brainstorming, collaborating, strategizing, writing and staring out the window (which she swears is part of her creative process). Diane has developed award-winning campaigns for a wide range of clients and industries, from organic grocery stores, liberal arts colleges and community fitness centers to nonprofit organizations, financial service firms and five-star resorts. She firmly believes that every brand has a great story to tell, whether that story is about aromatherapy or smart investment strategy. Let’s just say if there was an Iron Throne for storytelling…she’d be sitting on it.

Thinker since 2005


  • Bachelor of Arts, SUNY at Stony Brook
  • Certificate in Marketing Communications, New York University
  • Board Member, Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida
  • Hiked across the Grand Canyon on a 40-Hour Sabbatical
  • Local and District ADDY Award Winner
  • Intermittent blogger at
  • Mom of two great boys and wife of great guy

“I think happiness is a choice.”

Kim Capps

Account Executive | Client Champion | Ironwoman | Proud Mom

Client champion. Ironman. Devoted Gator. Mother of two. The agency’s go-to for just about everything. It’s not a question of what Kim can do, it’s a question if there’s anything Kim can’t do. From campaign kick-off through champagne celebration, Kim serves as Think’s primary point-of-contact, problem solver and master planner. Client wants to reach millennial foodies shopping for organic groceries in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Kim will figure out how. Designers not sure what “make it pop more” means this time around? Kim will translate. After 11 years at Think Creative and more than 20 years in the industry, Kim has mastered the art of keeping both clients and Thinkers happy. From strategizing last-minute sales campaigns to creating half-marathon training plans, everyone relies on her for just about everything. And the best part? She’s more than happy to help.

Thinker since 2008


  • Bachelor of Science, Advertising with a Minor in Marketing, University of Florida
  • Board Member SoDo Main Street District, Promotions Chair
  • Unified Partner, Special Olympics Florida
  • Two-time Ironman Finisher
  • Runner, triathlete, hiker, paddle-boarder, kayaker, cyclist, adventurer
  • Empty Nester / Proud mom of two amazing young men and wife of one amazing not-so-young man.

“I think ... I have too many life philosophies to pick just one! Their overall theme? LIVE WHILE YOU'RE ALIVE."

Audrey Perrott

Social Monarch | Writer | Sewing Enthusiast | Dancing Queen

Audrey is Think’s Social Monarch. First off, she’s the queen of social media strategy for our clients, which includes everything from creating content, tracking engagement and managing paid media budgets across various platforms, to writing clever copy and building Instagrammable lettuce walls for local influencer events. All while staying up-to-date with the constant changes happening in the world of social media. As if that’s not enough to earn her social card, Audrey also plans our team’s social events and volunteer days, which is a whole lot like herding cats. Very busy, opinionated, temperamental cats. Now, if you ask her what she does here at Think, her response is “I have fun!” Which we’re sure she means, except on Clean Out the Fridge Friday (her idea, not ours).

Thinker since 2017


  • Bachelor of Arts, English Literature with minor focus in Marketing, University of Florida
  • Certificate of Leadership from Rollins College
  • Volunteer, Gina McReynolds Foundation
  • Member, Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)
  • Award-winning author of multiple children’s books
  • Once directed Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson in videos from scripts she wrote
  • Life-loving cancer warrior and grateful member of #ThePerrottsYouKnow
  • Creator of the Think Drink and other delicious craft cocktails

“I think every day is an opportunity for adventure.”

Miranda Anzelone

Senior Designer | Ambivert | Collaborator | Donut Lover

Designer. Photographer. Office plant mom. Recycling fairy. Miranda wears an abundance of hats at Think, and not just on Unexpected Accessory and Adventure Lunch Day. After taking her first design class at the ripe age of 11, Miranda landed her first freelance design contract at just 16 years old. We’d say her skills are full-grown now, but somehow, she just keeps getting better at creating a brand’s distinct visual identity and expressing it across any platform, from the essential (website, ads, signage, print materials) to the exceptional (talking taco trucks, artificial turf, rainbow sprinkles). Miranda’s an avid creator off the clock as well, and counts knitting, crocheting and hand-lettering among her hobbies, along with yoga and, because no one’s productive all the time, mindlessly scrolling on IG and consuming way more than a healthy amount of TV/movies.

Thinker since 2016


  • Bachelor of Arts, Communication (Media Production) with minors in Graphic Design and Advertising, Flagler College
  • Associate of Science, Graphic Design, Valencia College
  • Member, AIGA
  • Maker of weird and wonderful interactive displays
  • Photographer/videographer/media maven extraordinaire
  • Proud mom of nine office plants and one stay-at-home kitten
  • Knitter, crocheter & macrame-r
  • Lettering artist and future muralist

“I think finding fulfillment is the best gift you can give yourself.”

Aleitha Morgan

Graphic Designer | Singer | Intj | Type Lover

With great design comes great responsibility.” That’s how the Spiderman quote goes, right? That’s probably how Aleitha remembers it, and what she lacks in Marvel superhero knowledge, she more than makes up for in design and branding savvy. In Aleitha’s meticulous hands, design is about creating not just an object, but an experience. She always starts by outlining the design from start to finish — a habit she held on to from her first career path: architecture. Though she’s no longer designing in brick and mortar, she brings that same precision and attention to detail to her work in print, interactive and environmental media, resulting in experiences that are beautiful and memorable. After closing the MacBook, Aleitha opens the songbook as a performer in the Bach Festival Choir, and the textbook as a professor for the next generation of talented designers.

Thinker since 2018


  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of Miami
  • Associate of Science, Graphic and Interactive Design, Valencia College
  • Member, Bach Festival Society of Winter Park
  • Member, AIGA
  • Adjunct Professor of Graphic and Interactive Design, Valencia
  • Three-time local ADDY Award recipient
  • Winner of Judges’ Best Presentation Award at AIGA Orlando Mentorship Spot Showcase
  • Career Night Coordinator, City of Orlando Community Outreach for Parramore teens

“I think it’s important to remind yourself that love conquers all. Always.”

Alex Heirston

Account Coordinator | Buzz Builder | Dreamer | Doer

Jane of many trades, answerer of many questions and alleviator of all client concerns, Alex takes on every challenge with unwavering enthusiasm and all-in execution. She first joined the Think team as an intern, and by the time she donned her graduation cap, we realized that she was so darn good at everything we threw at her, from writing copy to managing projects to pitching media, that we just had to keep her. Now, as our full-time, card-carrying Account Coordinator, she runs point between clients and our creative team to make sure our work delivers on what we promised and our clients keep coming back for more. When not at work you can find her nose deep in a new book, brushing up on her knowledge of the Myers-Briggs personality test (because why not?) or spending time with her friends.

Thinker since 2018


  • Bachelor of Arts, Advertising and Public Relations, University of Central Florida
  • Member, Public Relations Society of America
  • Ghost writer for a local talent acquisition agency
  • Closing in on her goal of visiting 12 state parks in 12 months
  • Always reading at least one book at all times

“I think following your dreams is always worth it, no matter how crazy they might be.”

Fernando Tosetti

Video Producer | Storyteller | Polyglot | Jetsetter

Born and raised in Brazil before arriving at the University of Central Florida, Fernando is Think’s international man of mystery and supplier of addictive Brazilian candy. He approaches each video project with a wide-open perspective and razor-sharp eye that sees how every single frame shapes the story. It’s a skill that he honed on the video team for UCF Athletics, where milliseconds matter, cameras come with miles of cable to carry across the field, and spectacular plays must be shot, edited and broadcast within minutes. Fernando knows what it’s like to work under pressure, and boy does he deliver, from conceptualizing to shooting, from editing to final cut — though finding the right music just might break him one of these days.

Thinker since 2018


  • Bachelor of Arts, Advertising and Public Relations with minor in Film, University of Central Florida
  • NSCS and NSLS Honors student
  • Produced a Youtube video with over 660K views
  • Speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and a tiny bit of Italian once in a while
  • Part-time seahorse keeper

“I stay up late working so I can play the next day.”

Chris Campbell

Developer | Daddy | Duffer | Occasional Sleeper

A digital native hailing from Orlando, Chris is passionate about all things Internet. It all started as a side hobby making GeoCity webpages for his favorite bands as a kid, then progressed to creating sites for friends out of his college dorm. Today, Chris designs digital experiences that help brands put their best foot forward. After studying Digital Media at the University of Central Florida, Chris worked for an interactive storytelling agency where he developed varied applications for Fortune 50 companies. He made a name for himself in Central Florida, working on design and development for an array of the area’s digital agencies. We’re proud to be his favorite. In addition to assuring an awesome web presence for Think clients, Chris serves as our team’s de facto IT dude, patiently resolving critical tech issues such as why the heck the wi-fi ain’t working right.

Thinker since 2015


  • Bachelor of Arts, Digital Media, University of Central Florida
  • Golfer
  • Ride-or-die Orlando Magic fan
  • Resident Seinfeld aficionado
  • Proud Dad and DH (Dear Hubby, for those who don’t read Mommy blogs)

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