26.2 Hours of Heart and Hard Work

Orlando is full of great nonprofits doing great things for the community. We know that helping just one organization get stronger can help our entire city become an even better place. That’s why every year, we donate 26.2 hours of our entire team’s powers (about $50,000 value) to 1 local nonprofit.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of doing some great work for organizations that do even greater work in our community. Take a look.


How much can you do for an organization that’s literally saving the world? When the goal is this big, you simply can’t do enough—but our team definitely tried. In 26.2 hours, we developed 3 ad campaigns, 2 social media challenges, 5 videos, and 1 full website audit and restructuring. And, Think-a-Thon was just the beginning. Thanks to our partners Web Solutions of America and Talk of the Town Restaurant Group, IDEAS For Us received pro bono digital marketing services and raised $8,240 through a private fundraising event.

2018 | United Against Poverty

We helped United Against Poverty Orlando invigorate their volunteer program in 2018 with new environmental graphics, promotional video and on-site installation honoring the 6,500 volunteers they rely on every year.

2017 | Lighthouse Central Florida

A multimedia campaign — complete with picture book! — for Lighthouse Central Florida challenged people to see the blind and visually impaired in a whole new light.

2016 | ORLANDO

After the Pulse tragedy, we mounted a guerrilla campaign to celebrate the sense of unity that arose in Orlando, and inspire our community to Let Love Last.

2015 | NEXTSTEP Orlando

We created a library of marketing pieces and launched a GoFundMe campaign to help Project Walk Orlando (now NextStep Orlando) share their amazing story.

2014 | Benji Watson Cancer Foundation

For our very first Think-a-Thon, we developed a new brand for the Benji Watson Cancer Foundation, including a logo, website and invitations to their annual fundraiser.