Building a place that will build a city’s future.

In High Point, North Carolina, a coalition of city and community leaders led by Business High Point—Chamber of Commerce rallied around an ambitious vision: to transform two historic buildings, Plant 7 and The Factory, into a vibrant hub for their newly revitalized Downtown district.



First, a strong foundation.

We collaborated with all stakeholders to explore and crystallize the purpose, personality and spirit of the exciting new place they want to create. From these discoveries we laid the foundation for the brand, beginning, of course, with the perfect name.

A name with many layers, Congdon Yards honors the family whose philanthropic investment fuels the project. It also hints at gathering, play, industry and standards of measurement—specifically, the one used by the hosiery mill that occupied the historic buildings. But the story of Congdon Yards is about more than buildings. It’s about building community and breathing new life into a city that has big plans for its future. As Downtown High Point continues to evolve and attract thriving businesses, lifelong residents and year-round visitors—Congdon Yards will stand at the heart of it all.

To unveil the exciting vision of Congdon Yards to the High Point community, we helped the team plan and execute a VIP reception offering guests a taste of the experience to come. Together, the people of High Point raised a glass—a branded pint glass, that is—to their new cornerstone, a place where they will work, gather, innovate and celebrate for years to come.

As construction progressed, we worked closely with Louis Cherry Architecture and Barbour Spangle Design to help bring the Congdon Yards brand and story to life throughout the space, inside and out. The chance to collaborate with such wonderful, talented and creative people every step of the way has been our favorite part of this project, and exemplifies what Congdon Yards is all about.