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Who knew financial services could be so much fun?

Our long-time client Jason Chepenik did. So when he took the reins at Chepenik Financial, the firm founded by his father, we developed a new brand to match Jason’s fresh approach. Innovative, creative, a bit playful — the new brand was wholly unlike the traditional firms that dominate the industry.

Since then, we’ve continued to serve as a trusted strategic partner and communications sidekick, working side-by-side with Chepenik Financial on everything from sales proposals to seminar planning and branded energy drinks.

But our most exciting achievement together (so far) was to launch the Smarter Tomorrow Foundation and the 4.01k Race for Financial Fitness, which supports financial literacy education for kids. We created the race brand, now used by 4.01K races all over the country. And we developed a multimedia campaign to inspire runners and donors to step up and educate the public on the importance of financial education.

The 401K Race for Financial Fitness has attracted more than 5,000 runners and raised nearly $500,000.

The firm has grown to handle 100 plans with 100,000 participants and $1 billion in managed assets.

“Whether we’re pitching new business or figuring out innovative ways to better serve our existing clients, I know I can always count on Think to bring great ideas to the table and help execute them.”

– Jason Chepenik, Parner, Chepenik Financial