Why We Stopped Writing Mission Statements (And You Should, too)

In one way or another, we spend every day helping clients to clarify their positions in the marketplace and crystallize the messages that connect with customers. (That’s what a branding company does.) Naturally, one of the things we have often helped clients do is write mission statements. And sometimes that’s great. But a lot of times it isn’t.

It isn’t great because often, I’m standing before a white board, asking people to articulate what they think their mission is, and they say things like “to deliver unparalleled customer service” or “to maximize shareholder value” or “to build the best this or that.” Then, they wonder why I don’t write these things down. Well, duh. If these are the things you’re pursuing, you’re not “on a mission,” you’re just running a business.

So, we don’t write mission statements anymore. Instead, we write meaningful statements. And that makes all the difference. Now, the conversation revolves around some great questions, like— How do you have an impact? How does your company make a difference? How does your work change people’s lives? These things are, yes, meaningful.

So the next time you’re discussing your company’s brand (or having Think Creative lead you through it), cross “Mission Statement” off the agenda and have a lively conversation instead about what you do that’s meaningful. What you accomplish each day that makes you proud, energized, fulfilled and passionate. Then, write those things down and share them with everyone – your employees, your board, your customers, your referral sources, your community, your kids, your neighbors, your husband or wife. Share your Meaningful Statements with the people around you, and I promise you’ll not only connect more quickly with clients and customers, you’ll attract a legion of fans, too.

By the way, Think Creative’s Meaningful Statement: “To inspire people to greatness and clients to success.” Pass it on!

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