Unexpected Accessories Day: Take 1

Naturally, I was a little apprehensive when it was decided that the new ritual at Think Creative would be “Unexpected Accessory Day” every Thursday. I mean, I don’t accessorize much. Or, ever. Truthfully, I don’t know what constitutes an accessory. Buttons aren’t an accessory. Belts are. What? But being the kindhearted soul that she is, Diane took pity on me and made today’s accessory neckties. Whew! Of course my relief was fleeting as Steph’s comment when I came down this morning was, “Looks like it’s from the eighties.” Ha, not even close! Must have been ’92 because I can picture myself driving to work, listening to the Singles soundtrack on my cassette player and straightening this very tie in my rearview mirror. I looked good. Then. And today. I even got a few compliments on this tie today. And I don’t care whether the complimenters were simply being nice or sincere, I am taking those compliments at face value. Of course the ladies turned their tie-wearing into a real fashion statement, making me look dated while they looked cool. Diane wore her Jerry Garcia-designed tie with a sequined scoop-neck. Very she-she. Kim wore a vintage tie from her father-in-law as a belt. Hmmm, quite suave Mrs. Capps. Briana was excused, as she was in LA, where unexpected accessories are expected. And Brent, well, Brent took a mulligan on this new tradition.
As for lunch, Diane picked Yum-Mi, the new Vietnamese sandwich shop a block and a half from our office…and then refused to walk there, citing some excuse that involved her high heels (also she-she) or the chill in the air or just a desire to show us how much her parallel parking has improved. Yes, we made her drive. Our teasing subsided as our hunger increased. Fortunately, the menu at Yum-Mi was indeed yummy. Lots to choose from, even several vegetarian options for me. And so we feasted.  Carmelized pork belly. Vietnamese-style Philly cheese steak with two yolk-y fried eggs on top. Lemongrass spiced tofu. And an avocado coconut milkshake. The service was fast, the food was filling (we loosened our belts as well as our ties),  and, of course the conversation was lively. Middle school dating. Sour sop. The SATs. And a few subjects that, well, are just between us. And then our cell phones started vibrating and it was time to return to work. Ah…tune in next Thursday to see how we unexpectedly accessorized and tried out a new restaurant and talked about stuff that we may or may not be sharing in our blog. Gotta run, this tie is making me want to grow out my sideburns, lace up my Doc Martens and watch Singles for the 472nd time.

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