UAAL Thursday #4: School Spirit @ Brians

So, despite the fact that accessories aren’t really my thing, I was really glad that it was finally my turn to pick the accessory and the lunch destination for UAAL #4. I thought I’d come up with a real winner of an idea, but you know what the reaction of the team was when I announced it? “Eh.” How deflating. But I stand by my choice. Alma Mater Thursday was pretty cool. Not only did I get to see Kim, Briana and Brent flaunting their school spirit all day (Di said she was in San Diego, but I think she just couldn’t decide which school to represent), I got to reminisce about my days at Tulane and wear a tattered, hurricane-stained sweatshirt all day. (Truth be told, I felt a little slovenly, like I was dressed to mow the lawn rather than meet with clients. (I think I got a gray hair just writing that sentence.) ) Yes, if nothing else, this group of Gators, Seminoles, Green Waves and…well, I have no idea what the SCAD mascot is…had a lot of fun comparing college notes and swapping stories about the good old days when we were just a little younger, a tad more carefree and somewhat more free-spirited than we are today.

For lunch, I picked Brian’s Restaurant, a new old choice, as the place on Ivanhoe had been closed for about a year and just recently re-opened and looks and feels entirely new.

Fish sandwiches for Brent and me, a triple decker club with fries for Briana and a cup of soup for Kim, who was nursing a cold and getting ready to jet up to Boston for a girl’s weekend, hit the spot as we sat on the new patio and enjoyed the cool weather and tall tales. I can’t say why, but we talked more about college parties, eighties fashion and blind dates than GPAs or term papers. And then, in an inexplicable change of gears, the conversation veered to my great uncle’s funeral and the histories of immigrant ancestors. Strange, I know, but somehow, I think it’s just further proof that we are a multi-dimensional bunch, as well versed in the best Bourbon Street hangover food as we are on Ellis Island landings. This was also the first UAAL during which the topic of middle aged hot tub parties didn’t come up. Because Diane wasn’t there? I don’t know, merely an observation and not a judgement.

Next time, it’s Briana’s turn to pick. I’m hoping she goes for something that’s in my closet instead of my attic and doesn’t make me blush. Of course, I’ll abide by whatever the choice is and will never say, “Eh” when she makes her decision. But come on, is that really too much to ask for?

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