UAAL Day #14: Have I got a story for you!

UAAL Day was never intended to be a competitive affair, but if it were…well, let’s just say Id be taking a victory lap today. Why? Because yesterday’s UAAL Day was awesome, that’s why! What made it so awesome? Just the fact that I, who admittedly can’t accessorize to save his life, picked one hell of a great accessory. My challenge to the group was to wear something that had a story. And the result was fantastic, albeit not necessarily as flamboyantly fashionable as Fur Day, Flair Day or Boot(ie) Day. What we got was a cool hat (Brent) and a suspenseful story about a near shipwreck in the Caribbean that was narrowly averted by a quick thinking 14-year-old…who was also the one who placed the vessel and its crew in peril in the first place; a handmade bronze cast crawfish claw necklace (Briana) and a story about a low country birthday party she’ll never forget; a bodacious (?) Brazilian necklace (Diane) and a captivating Carnival reminiscence that had us all in stitches; and a pewter ID bracelet (Kim) that sparked a poignant story of her loving parents. And me? Well, to summarize, a too-big barn jacket, my second date with Steph, the New Orleans airport and an unexpected appearance by Richard Simmons. Yes, the Richard Simmons. Our new but not terribly adventurous lunch took place at The Drunken Monkey and included wraps, paninis, soups and vegan cheese. You know, I couldn’t envision how we would maintain the spirit and spontaneity of UAAL Day when it began (I never knew there were so many types of acessories!) But now I can’t imagine how we ever endured ordinary Thursdays before. Moreover, despite how much time we all spend together, it’s amazng how much we learn about each other and laugh with (and occasionally at) each other every Thursday. So, I guess, now that I’m thinking about it, it’s not me who takes home the winner’s trophy for creating one of the best UAAL Days yet…it’s all of us who win…for having created one of the best rituals I’ve ever heard of. Man, we are awesome!

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