UAAL #8 goes to the dog

Henry the dog at the office wearing his animal print

Looking in my closet to choose the unexpected accessory of the week, I noticed various items with animal print and the decision was made. I did feel a little guilty about my choice knowing that it would be challenging for the guys to pull off, but I didn’t waiver. And I’m so glad I didn’t as everyone took the “unexpected” part very seriously this week. Briana came in wearing a horse-print skirt! Faux, of course, but still unexpected. Mark was wearing a zebra print belt which would be unexpected on its own, however, this belt was fashioned for him by his daughter Sophie – out of duct tape! Quite a creation on its own, but even cooler because Mark pulled it off well and even seemed comfortable in it. Now, animal print in the form of zebra, leopard, or snake is considered everyday wear for the ever-fashionable Diane, so she chose to wear husband Charlie’s crawfish boil shirt. So out of character for her, she wanted to tell everyone she ran into that it was not her normal mode of dress. She tried to spice things up with a fun belt and hat but she still felt out of her element which is something we strive for with this ritual. Although barely noticeable with the long skirt and boots, I felt very self-conscious wearing cheetah print tights throughout the day which concluded with my son’s volleyball game and a function at my church.  Comments I received from family and friends confirmed that the tights were indeed not the norm for me. By nature, Brent is a little preppy so we couldn’t wait to see  what he was going to choose as his accessory. He did not disappoint. He brought in Henry, a German Short-haired Pointer, who would be wearing animal print even if he had a one-color coat. But Henry’s fur, curiously, is spotted animal print. Winner!

We decided to try Vega’s Cafe, a family-run, hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop that many of us have driven by countless times without giving it much notice. Sharing space inside the old gas station that houses Vega’s is a jewelry making/repair counter that also sells vintage record albums. A sign inside says “best cuban sandwich in town.” so we had to try that along with black bean soup. Mark had some trouble ordering a sandwich with no meat, apparently a request that doesn’t make sense to the purist taking his order. If we had known that we would be enjoying our lunch outside at a picnic table, the accessory of the day – Henry – could have joined us.

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