Traveling Out of the Norm

Here’s a fun (and fast!) little project that we did for Chepenik Financial, a financial services firm and long-time client.

They were preparing to pitch Leading Hotels of the World, a group of prestigious hotels with over 430 locations worldwide. The presentation had to showcase all that Chepenik Financial has to offer and help them stand out from the financial services crowd.

Since the prospect was a global hotel group, we designed a travel-themed presentation that combined compelling content with cool, modern graphics. As great as it was, we wanted the leave-behind to be something more unique and memorable than a PDF of the presentation. We found the perfect book, Geography of Bliss, and packaged it up with a bookmark and tag designed to look like a luggage tag. The result was a package that celebrated the joy and romance of travel…while making the prospect feel like our client truly understood what they were all about.


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