The Marathon is an art; the marathoner is an artist.
— Kiyoshi Nakamura, Olympic Coach

At Think Creative, we believe in the power of creativity, the importance of dedication, and the impact of love in the world. We have seen our community grow, change, bend – but never break – and evolve with the help of amazing nonprofit organizations who have these same values at their core. But we understand that for all the help non-profits give to others, they may need some help in return. This is why we’re looking for a cause worth running around our office for.

We are the artists of a marathon called Think-a-Thon. A marathon dedicated to giving back to those who give so much. During Think-a-Thon, we donate 26.2 hours of our team’s time to create a branding and marketing campaign for an organization with heart. We’ll spend an entire night (and then some) thinking, strategizing, writing, designing, programming, and working to make a difference. Oh, and drinking coffee. Lots of coffee.

Think-a-Thon is simply our way of giving back to the community by doing what we do best. For free. Maybe you’re looking to raise awareness or money. Maybe you’re looking to attract more volunteers for your cause. Whatever it is, we want to run this race with you.

The marathon is an art; let us be your artists.

How to Apply

  • 1.   Be a 501C3 Non-Profit
  • 2.   Be a local (Orange, Seminole, Lake, Osceola)
  • 3.   Download application here
  • 4.   Email application to us by August 25th.

Thank you
for your interest
in running this race

with us.

Looking Back...