Even though today’s accessory was not necessarily unexpected, we did manage to have fun with it. Since Diane was making her way to the airport for a trip, we picked an accessory that was a little on the tame side just so she wouldn’t be sad to miss. And the guys were clearly relieved to have a break from having to creatively accessorize. You’re welcome. While Mark and Brent wore their everyday striped shirts, Briana and I tried to keep to the unexpected. Briana pulled off pairing horizontal stripes with vertical, something most cannot get away with. I got blisters from our walk to Bananas in my zebra-striped shoes, but I still say it was worth it. Even Diane and hubby sent us a photo showing us their stripes. Our lunches were the usual fare of burgers and salads, but the staff was delightfully interesting as was our conversation.

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