North American Veterinary Community


The NAVC started out as a single event: the North American Veterinary Conference. Over the years, they evolved into a professional association that offers much more than a conference. In 2012, they changed their name to the North American Veterinary Community. And we developed a fresh new brand to go along with it. Building off the Brandategy process, we defined all the elements of the brand foundation, including a new message platform to communicate the full breadth of their mission and vision, a new graphics platform that simultaneously differentiates and unifies their core services, and a comprehensive brand usage guide that enables their internal marketing team to properly express the brand through an array of communications. Today, the audience sees the NAVC in an entirely new way, recognizing them as the leading professional association they truly are.


Working in collaboration with their programming team, we designed the new NAVC website. The responsive design features the vibrant new brand and translates beautifully across desktop and mobile platforms. Each of the core service areas carries its own distinct color, which is carried through the website and all other materials. The messaging throughout places a stronger emphasis on the association’s big-picture vision and achievements.


From their business cards to brochures to trade show booths, we freshened up all of the NAVC’s marketing collateral so it would consistently carry their brand to the new audience.


The NAVC stays in touch with their community through a series of e-mail newsletters. We renamed and redesigned templates for all of these communications pieces, bringing them in line with the new brand. We also conducted a direct mail campaigns to raise awareness of the new brand and position among their audience.


Since so many people still thought of the NAVC as a single conference or a set of distinct programs and services, we developed a new advertising campaign to re-educate the audience about the association and its larger mission: to promote better care for animals everywhere.


Through the BRANDATEGY process, we helped the NAVC crystallize their values and their commitments to the community. They were so happy with the results that they asked us to create a set of environmental graphics for their office that communicate what the association stands for. Today, every staff member, board member, and visitor that enters NAVC headquarters is reminded of the association’s mission and all that it does to drive that mission forward.

Business Cards