Hotel Impossible: Hearthstone Hotels


Our second call from the producers of Hotel Impossible was even more exciting than the first. First off, it involved travel to Nova Scotia – a far more exotic locale than Daytona Beach. Second, we wouldn’t just be rebranding one hotel. We would be helping a a new owner relaunch a hotel group that included three separate properties, each with their own unique advantages and characteristics. We were up to the challenge.

The new owner had already selected the name, Hearthstone, which we loved. It called to mind a warm, safe place where guests find comfort as well as community. Our logo design is based on the sailor’s knot, a nod to the area’s rich Celtic heritage, but also a symbol of harmony, friendship and affection, since the sailor’s knot is actually two entwined knots. Though quite simple to tie, it is one of the strongest knots there can be and is representative of a bond that grows stronger with time and under pressure.

In addition to a new logo, we developed a new tagline, “Happiness loves company.” The line conveys warmth, friendliness and companionship – the heart of the Hearthstone brand.

We also branded the three hotel restaurants, using different dogs as mascots and giving the dogs fun Irish names to reflect the local culture.


For the brand to come to life, we incorporated multiple touch points throughout the guest’s stay. But we weren’t just thinking of branded toiletries and door hangers. We wanted to enrich the guest experience with unique brand experiences.

Since Hearthstone Hotel is located in an area renowned for natural beauty and outdoor adventure, guests need to feel like the Hearthstone is their home base for exploration. In addition to picking up your room key at the front desk, you can also check out a variety of adventure-related items, including walking sticks, picnic blankets and binoculars. At the end of the day, guests are invited to gather around the fireplace for complimentary cocoa and great conversation with fellow travelers. You can even check out a GoPro at the front desk to capture your adventures on camera and share them via social media. Every brand touchpoint encourages and empower guests to venture out for an experience that will be remembered forever.