Hotel Impossible: Citigarden Hotel


First, we rebranded the Streamline Hotel in Daytona Beach. Then we developed a new brand for Hearthstone hospitality group in Nova Scotia. Then we went even bigger by launching a new brand for the entire town of Manson, Washington. The last time the Travel Channel’s hit show Hotel Impossible called us, it was to help the Citigarden Hotel in San Francisco carve out a new identity.

We started right at the beginning, renaming the hotel the Park Pointe Hotel, a nod to the establishment’s unique garden and scenic views, and writing a new tagline: “Find your peaceful place.” Finally, we designed a new logo and look to convey that sense of serenity.


To truly rebrand the hotel, the changes had to be more than skin-deep. So we developed a new Mission and Brand Promises, which will serve as a valuable touchstone for every interaction, as well as a training tool for the entire team.


To enrich the guest experience, we incorporated several new touchpoints. Shuttle drivers will distribute branded water bottles to guests upon arrival, and some snacks upon departure. Complimentary earplugs will be provided to block out airplane noise (the downside of being so close to the airport). And a convenience station in the lobby will offer guests a number of items that they may have forgotten – on the house. Every interaction is designed to reposition the new Park Pointe Hotel as personal, thoughtful, and unforgettable.