When we were called by Emory University, their objective was clear: create a brand that helps establish Emory Dining as one of the top five dining programs in the country. So we met with their team in Atlanta, feasted on hand-cut potato chips and learned a lot about what really defined Emory Dining: quality, diversity, freshness, a firm commitment to sustainability. They were doing everything right–except reinforcing their vision and values through a strong brand. We came up with the Tao of Chow, an idea that that places Emory Dining on a practically divine plane.


A passion for food and its preparation was already part of the Emory Dining culture…they just never talked about it that way. We wrote a new mission statement that conveys the energy of the staff and the care that goes into each meal. In addition to serving as a cultural touchstone and source of pride for the dining team, the mission was showcased on large boards at the entrance to the dining halls. As soon as you enter, you know that this program is something special.


To integrate the brand throughout the dining experience, we created large environmental graphics that highlight different features of the program such as late night dining, by-hand meal preparation, and seasonal ingredients. We also developed new signage for the Farm Stand, an area within the dining halls devoted to showcasing locally sourced produce. These enhancements raised awareness about what makes Emory Dining excellent and enriched the dining experience overall.

Mission Board

Dining Hall Signage



Environmental Graphics