Ding! Bikes


Remember the feeling of riding your very first bike? Fresh air and the freedom to go anywhere you wanted. That’s the feeling this new family-owned business wanted to evoke with their new concept: a bike and trike retail concept targeting seniors. For inspiration, we turned to the era when prospective customers would have been kids riding their first bikes: the 1950s. This generation admired Frank Sinatra, the Rat Pack, and old Hollywood, but were also sentimental about family and country. A brand personality began to take shape: welcoming, inspirational, timeless yet fresh, quirky and carefree. Now we just needed a name that best evoked that personality: Ding! The name has a dual meaning. First, it’s a childhood nickname for one of the owners, and the sound of a sweet bike coming through.


We brought the brand to life by creating individual personalities for each bike, a custom color palette inspired by 50s style, and bright yellow brand decals for the bikes. But it wasn’t enough to have a great product line. The sales experience for Ding! Bikes had to be multi-sensory, community-oriented and most of all FUN.


In collaboration with our clients, we designed a plan for The Ding! Fling, a community event that features test rides, a Bring Your Own Bike tire service, and free ice cream served out of an old fashioned ice cream trike, just like the one the Good Humor man rode…which was also made by Worksman. The Ding! Fling gives customers a taste of Ding! Bikes’ full service experience, just like the good old days.


We developed all the promotional and marketing material for Ding! Bikes, from product hang tags to brochures, product lists, direct mail campaigns and print ads promoting the Ding! Fling. And by far, the biggest, most important piece of “marketing collateral” at Ding! Bike’s disposal was their truck and trailer (later christened the Ding!Vee), which would function as the company’s primary retail outlet and a big dose of brand awareness on wheels.



Hang Tag

Ding!Vee Truck

Ding! Trailer