Brain UP!


The Alzheimer’s Association Central and North Florida chapter came to us with a challenge. Inspire people to start thinking about brain health at a younger age and take proactive steps to strengthen their brains before problems begin. We joined forces (and brains) with our great client to develop Brain UP! – a program that empowers people of all ages to boost their brain health. We named the program, designed the logo,  developed all the internal and external communications pieces, and worked with our clients to devise and implement a strategy for bringing Brain UP! to the community.


Since we were creating the program from the ground up, we were able to help our client define every aspect of the audience experience. Brain UP! had to be interactive, energetic, and action-oriented. We developed the The Brain Commandments, which tell people exactly what they need to do to keep their brains growing strong. We wrote The Brainifesto, a pledge that people can sign in person or online as a promise to themselves to take better care of their brains from that day forward. And we launched a Brain Health Champions program, which highlights individuals from the community who exemplify the principles of good brain health.


The heart (or brain) of the effort is, an easy-to-navigate website is bursting with valuable brain health insight, challenging activities, tips, news and reviews of the cutting-edge research. We designed and developed all the content for the website, which is organized around the six Brain Commandments. In development now is the 30-Day Brain Challenge, an interactive online game that allows participants to earn points and rewards for completing brain healthy activities.


We designed a range of dynamic collateral pieces to bring the Brain UP! brand to the world.  Vibrant posters were hung in local shops and businesses. “Certified Brain Boost” stickers were affixed to any object, event, or activity pertaining to brain health. The goal was to get people thinking about their brains and drive them to the website to take action.


To create even more awareness throughout the community, we conducted a direct mail and email campaign. Recipients received a series of three brain challenges and had to visit for the solution. Once on the website, they could sign The Brainifesto and take part in more challenging activities. To keep this audience continually engaged, we designed monthly and weekly e-newsletter templates that alerted them of updated content.


Getting the community fired up about brain health was our top priority from day one. We helped our client establish a presence on various social media outlets and created engaging content to start growing their community. The program culminated with BrainFest 2014, an exciting community event featuring brain health education, interactive activities, and fun for all ages.

The Brainifesto