NEW WORK: Institute of Internal Auditors Membership Recruitment Campaign

Several years ago, we worked with design partners Lure Design to complete a full re-branding effort for the professional organization,  The Institute of Internal Auditors (The IIA). It culminated with us providing their in-house creative team with a comprehensive brand guide that contained instructions on logo usage, ad design and collateral development. While these guides are great for reinforcing brand consistency, there is a downside. If you’re not careful, these guidelines can lead you right into a design rut.

That’s the situation The IIA was in when they called us back to the table this year to help breathe new life into something else–their annual membership recruitment campaign. They tasked us with the following goals:

  • While adhering to the brand we created, develop a campaign that felt bold, different and unexpected.
  • Take a personalized approach that recognizes different career levels and needs
  • Develop messaging that is more benefits-oriented
  • Separate The IIA from other organizations…not just in words, but in tone, personality, voice and feel.

We knew we had to step away from the powerful headline/professional portrait model that The IIA had relied on all these years. The new campaign takes the organization in a fresh and different direction.


Direct Mail

While it’s too early to report on the results, (the campaign is still in progress), we can report that The IIA was thrilled with the look, messaging and energy of the new campaign.

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