New Logo for Leadership Winter Park

As a graduate of Leadership Winter Park (go Class 23!) I was really excited to be asked if my team could create a new logo for the organization. When we first started working on this project with Debra, Megan and Kyle, we said that Leadership Winter Park is really about three things: leadership (obviously), community and connections. But having been through the program, met so many graduates, and now sitting on the LWP Alumni Council, I’ve since learned what Leadership Winter Park is really about: growth.

It’s about individual growth. I speak for myself, and pretty sure everyone else who’d been through the program, when I say that the person you are after completing this program is different than who you were when you started.

It’s also about helping others grow, by sharing what you learn in Leadership Winter Park.

And it’s helping Winter Park, my community, grow in the right way. A way that will make me, and future generations proud of where we come from.

Life is so busy these days that when we choose to invest our time in something, we want to get something out of it. And in my opinion, the best thing we can get out of anything we do is an opportunity to grow.

And when I look at this logo that we created, that’s what it’s really about, this wonderful, hopeful, positive process of growth. I hope that you like it as much as we do.

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