My Italian #40hoursabbatical: Day One

When Mark told the team he was giving us the gift of a week to pursue something we have always dreamed of, I knew immediately what I wanted to do: learn to speak Italian and culminate that with a trip to Italy! My husband jumped on board and gave me Rosetta Stone for Christmas. It was a number of months before I downloaded and began the 5 levels of the program Bryan bought but I was sure I would blaze through them and speak like a native-born by the time we took our trip. While I didn’t make it through all 5 levels, I was still pretty certain that the arsenal of nouns I memorized was going to get me through. So far, everyone seems to speak my language making it much easier to communicate in English rather than stumble through a very rough exchange in Italian and while I saw a cat and a dog, I stopped myself from running down their owners to let them know that I knew how to say gatto and cane. Today I will parlo un po’ di a italiano and not as much inglese. A domani. Caio!

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