My Italian #40hoursabbatical: Day 2

Today I decided to not worry so much about how well I can actually speak Italian and realized just how easy it could be to communicate with just a word or two. I’m using the word “communicate” loosely. Ask a question. Order food. Order a drink. “Cappucino? Grazi.” “Dov’e´” followed by any place I’m trying to get to. The trick seemed to be say as little as possible but say it in Italiano. No English. Easy. I was fairly confident as the day progressed. Order red wine at dinner. I got this. “Vino. Rosa.” I was surprised when a glass of pink wine came to the table. What I meant to order is “rossi.” Two letters and one vowel sound off. Big difference. I also have been asked a couple of times if I speak Spanish, because I keep slipping in some Spanish words that I’m apparently more familiar with even though last year when I was in a Spanish-speaking country, I didn’t feel like I could communicate well there. Maybe next year, I’ll go somewhere and someone will ask me if I parlo Italiano?

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