Client From Heaven: Competitor Gym Orlando

These days, you hear an awful lot of bitching about terrible clients. They give inane feedback, they don’t appreciate the work we do, they’re just flat out impossible to please, etc. And, it’s the truth. Clients From Hell exist. But I think it’s high time someone shone the light on those clients who actually make us want to come to work every day.

Take, for instance, Competitor Gym Orlando. When this new gym opened up in Maitland, Florida, they brought us in to help launch their brand with a new mission statement, direct mail and e-mail campaign, and environmental graphics. Besides getting to create cool work that we’re really proud of, the owner, Kawika Mitchell, happens to be a former NFL star (with a Super Bowl ring from the 2007 New York Giants woot!), the entire team is easy to work with and super nice (and super FIT), they got Mark to finally try a workout regime that didn’t involve swimming, biking or running, and they even got me off my ass for my very first post-baby workout.

For all those reasons and more, we are crowning you, Competitor Gym Orlando, a Think Creative Client From Heaven. Thanks for everything…even the squats.




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