The Story Behind Brain UP!

How often do you think about your brain? I bet it’s not as much as we do. Because ever since the Alzheimer’s Association Central and North Florida (in partnership with the Winter Park Health Foundation) called us in to help them develop a comprehensive new brain training program targeting people of all ages, we’ve had an absolutely killer case of brains on the brain. And it has been an absolute blast.

First of all, it’s our favorite kind of project. The kind where a great client comes to us with a great idea and we help turn that idea into a living, breathing, amazing reality. The first thing we needed a name. Something energetic and fun that would appeal to all ages while clearly conveying that this effort was all about improving that great grey stuff between your ears. After a few lively debates and two very close contenders (which may find new life in some other effort one of these days), Brain UP! was born.

Brain UP!

Once they settled on a name and logo, we spent the next few months designing and developing content for the website,  Packed with brain health news, tips, training activities, and suggestions for events and activities, the website which will serve as the heart (or brain?) of the entire effort. Your first stop at the site should be signing The Brainifesto – a pledge to yourself to start taking better care of your brains. 

Besides the website, we’re also managing /creating/planning / helping with a few other components, including:

  • A social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • The Brain UP! Update, a monthly e-newsletter
  • Fun and interactive brain health presentations that will be conducted at various institutions and organizations
  • Collateral for traditional and guerilla marketing efforts
  • A traveling Brain UP! Booth, which will appear at various events to distribute educational information and engage people in brain healthy activities
  • A Brain Health Fair to be conducted in March 2014

And on top of creating a really great brand and doing really fun work, we’re lucky enough to have a terrific relationship with our client, whose passion for the project is contagious, and whose appreciation for our efforts is downright awesome. Without a doubt, another Client from Heaven

So stay tuned for updates as new program elements unfold. And in the meantime, start working those brains!  

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