A New Face and Foundation for a Ninety-Year-Old Brand

When Amazon Rubber & Hose Co. first approached us for a re-branding effort, the conversation revolved around specific pieces. They needed a new corporate sales kit. A direct mail campaign. Trade show display material. All the things a company needs to go out to market and tell their story.

Here was the problem: they didn’t know what story they were telling.

It’s a funny challenge for a ninety-year-old company to be facing. But like many companies we work with, it’s not that they didn’t have a story. It’s just that they’d never bothered to clearly articulate it.

So that’s where we decided to start. Not by designing a brochure and writing headlines for a sales campaign, but by talking to the entire team face-to-face. And through one-on-one interviews with upper management and group workshops with the sales team, we were able to figure out — from the inside out — what this company is all about.

We boiled it down to the Amazon Promise: five concise statements that explain exactly what the company stands for and what their customers can expect. Simple as they are, these statements became the foundation of everything else we went on to create. And as happy as we were with the sales kit, trade show displays and direct mail pieces we eventually produced (see examples below), the most important thing we did for this client was help them discover who they really are.

The Amazon Promise

Sales Kit (Pocket Folder, Brochure, Inserts, Product Line Card)

Mousepad (for internal use)

Direct Mail

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